Wear-resistant gold steel sand floor white what reason?

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Wear-resistant gold steel sand floor white what reason?

Wear-resistant gold and steel grit floor do a good job after why it will be white, you can find the reason from the following two aspects:
Material reasons:
1. The size of the internal pores of the material is different, causing the fall off; the material of the hydrated wear-resistant floor is prone to chemical reactions under the condition of high air humidity, causing the pulverization of the ground.
2, carborundum wear-resistant floor is a kind of high grade of special cement, wear-resistant carborundum as the main component of wear-resistant sand material, which shall not use river sand, can not use sand with soil, cement grade shall not be less than C25.. If the above material standards are not met, it may appear during construction."The phenomenon of "off the skin.
Reasons for construction:
1, because the wear-resistant floor is not suitable for construction in the cold and humid environment, so in the winter and spring when the need for work. In the rush period, often in the wear-resistant floor construction when adding a little early strength agent, it can improve the early strength, but also easy to cause the cement floor appear white and peelingPhenomenon, making the combination of cement and wear-resistant floor metal aggregate is not good.
2, some construction personnel may be in the concrete failed to solidify before they began to spray emery wear-resistant materials, so that there will be wear-resistant floor "off the skin" phenomenon. If the concrete ground after curing before sprinkling emery wear-resistant floor materials will certainly lead to floor engineering quality problems. Because the wear-resistant floorThe material cannot be bonded with the concrete ground within a reasonable time, and then the floor material will be sprinkled on the floor.
Measures to prevent emery wear-resistant floor peeling and whitening:
1, in order to reduce the pores, to optimize the ratio, the appropriate increase in the density of cement-based materials;
2, cement grade to be greater than or equal to C25, emery aggregate shall not be mixed with river sand and sediment;
3, do not use alkaline cement;
4, try to avoid cold, humid environment construction;
5, the construction process should be accurate, it is best to find experienced construction personnel.

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