How to do if the strength of plastering mortar is insufficient

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How to do if the strength of plastering mortar is insufficient

It is well known that the mortar of indoor plastering generally needs to add admixtures, when the indoor plastering of the construction site has the problem of insufficient strength. How to solve the better?
Strict requirements should try to use lime paste and cement river sand in accordance with the design requirements of the proportion of configuration. For plastering mortar, there is no requirement for strength grade, only the volume ratio. Adopting admixtures is an inappropriate practice and is now strictly prohibited in many 1. second-tier cities. In fact, the so-called outsideThe additive is used to replace lime paste, which can increase the workability of mortar. Why limit the use of lime paste, is that he is composed of chemical ingredients of raw materials. The stability of the quality of its products is extremely poor, because the production process of these products is very simple, the quality of the products is not guaranteed at all, and manyMultiple quality issues. Therefore, many 1. second-tier cities have been strictly prohibited. For the problem of insufficient strength of plastering mortar, the problem that really affects the strength is on the cement. Because the decoration of the cement can not strictly control the formal inspection. Often construction units to reduce costs, procurement of some small plant waterMud, a considerable part of the strength of these cements is unqualified or expired. So cause strength problems. This has nothing to do with lime cream. As long as the quality of raw materials is guaranteed according to the design requirements, and the ratio and mixing are carried out according to the specification requirements, such problems will not occur.
To sum up: should pay attention to a few issues:
1, the use of interface agent is not a common method, wall powder water sand, strength is not enough should be removed, re-construction
2, the wall is not dry or after the initial setting to strengthen the maintenance, increase the strength of the mortar.
3, not construction, cancel the use of mortar admixture, increase the amount of cement.
4. Before construction, the quality of materials shall be controlled, the silt content of yellow sand and cement shall be tested and operated strictly according to the proportion.

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