5 Time Points to Be Grasp in Using Tile Glue

The operable time is also called the storage time, which refers to the time interval when the consistency of the tile glue is gradually thickened in the barrel after being stirred until it cannot be used. The tile adhesive can be operated for 3 hours under standard conditions (20 ℃, 50% humidity). The actual operation time depends on the weather conditions, and the operation time will be shorter in the hot and windy weather. Such as in summer, tile glue should be controlled within 1 hour.




The role of rubber powder and cellulose in ceramic tile adhesive

Latex powder-improves the consistency and smoothness of the system in the wet mixing state. Due to the characteristics of the polymer, the cohesion of the wet mixing material is greatly improved and contributes greatly to the workability. After drying, it provides adhesion to smooth and compact surface layer, improves the interface effect of sand, gravel and pores, and can form a film at the interface under the premise of ensuring the addition amount, so that tile adhesive has certain flexibility and reduces elastic modulus, the heat deformation stress is absorbed to a large extent. In case of water immersion in the later period, there are also stresses such as waterproof, buffer temperature and inconsistent material deformation (ceramic tile deformation coefficient 6 × 10-6/℃, cement concrete deformation coefficient 10 × 10-6/℃) to improve weather resistance. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HP cellulose --- provides good water retention and workability for new mortar, especially for the wetting area. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the hydration reaction, the substrate can be prevented from excessive water absorption and surface water evaporation. Due to its air entraining (1900g/L ---- 1400g/LPO400 sand 600HP cellulose 2), the bulk density of tile glue is reduced, materials are saved and the elastic modulus of hardened mortar body is reduced.




Effect of Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Ether in Gypsum Mortar

As an important part of the tile paving project, the caulking agent not only improves the overall effect and contrast effect of the tile facing project, but also plays an important role in improving the waterproof and impermeability of the wall. A good ceramic tile adhesive product, in addition to rich color, uniform and no color difference, should also have the functions of easy operation, fast strength, low shrinkage, low porosity, waterproof and impermeability. Cellulose ether can reduce the wet shrinkage rate while providing excellent operation performance for caulking agent products, and the amount of entrained gas is small, and the effect of cement hydration is small.


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