Application of Cellulose in Putty Mortar

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In the Oriental aesthetic point, usually to the smooth surface of the building for the United States. The application of putty thus arises at the historic moment. Putty is a kind of thin layer plastering material, which plays an important role in the decoration and function of buildings. There are three levels of decorative coating: base wall, putty leveling layer and facing layer, which have different main functions and different elastic modulus and deformation coefficient. When the ambient temperature and humidity change, the deformation amount of the three layers of materials is also different, which requires putty and facing layer materials to have appropriate elastic modulus and rely on their own elasticity and flexibility to eliminate concentrated stress, so as to resist the cracking of the base layer and prevent the veneer layer from falling off and peeling. A good performance of the putty, should have a good base surface wetting performance, recoating performance, smooth batch scraping, sufficient operational time and other construction performance, should also have excellent bonding performance, flexibility, can be polished and durability.

As the most important part of the commercialization of China's building materials, China's ready-mixed mortar industry, under the dual role of market promotion and policy intervention, has gradually transitioned from the market introduction period to the rapid growth period. The use of ready-mixed mortar is an effective means to improve project quality and civilized construction level; the promotion and application of ready-mixed mortar is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of resources and is an important measure for sustainable development and development of circular economy; the use of ready-mixed mortar can greatly reduce the secondary rework rate of construction, improve the degree of construction mechanization, improve construction efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and reduce the total building energy consumption while continuously improving the comfort of the living environment.

In the process of commercialization of ready-mixed mortar, cellulose ether plays a milestone role. The reasonable application of cellulose ether makes it possible to mechanize the construction of ready-mixed mortar; the cellulose HP cellulose with good performance can significantly improve the construction performance, pumping and spraying performance of the mortar; its thickening ability can improve the wet mortar on the base The wetting ability of the wall can improve the bonding strength of the mortar; the opening time of the mortar can be adjusted; the unparalleled water retention ability can greatly reduce the probability of plastic cracking of the mortar; the hydration of cement is more complete, thereby improving the overall structural strength. Taking ordinary plastering mortar as an example, as a good mortar, mortar mixture should have good construction performance: easy mixing, good wettability to the base wall, smooth application without sticking to the knife, sufficient operation time (small consistency loss), easy leveling; Mortar hardening body should have excellent strength performance and surface appearance: suitable compressive strength, bond strength with the base wall, good durability, smooth surface, no hollowing, no cracking, no powder.

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