Application of Cellulose HPMC in Special Mortar

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Application of cellulose HP cellulose in special mortar

Applied to self-leveling mortar

Self-leveling mortar with low viscosity HP cellulose cellulose ether can achieve the role:
Ensure the fluidity of self-leveling mortar
Improve the self-healing ability of self-leveling mortar
Helps create a smooth surface
Reduce shrinkage and improve bearing capacity
Improving the bonding force and cohesion of self-leveling mortar to the base surface

Applied to ceramic tile adhesive

As a functional decorative material, ceramic tile has been widely used in the world, and how to paste this durable material well and make it safe and durable has always been a concern of people. The emergence of ceramic tile adhesive ensures the reliability of ceramic tile paste to a certain extent. Different construction habits and methods have different construction performance requirements for tile adhesives. In the current domestic ceramic tile paste construction, thick paste method (traditional adhesive paste) is still the mainstream construction method. When this method is adopted, the requirements for ceramic tile adhesive are: easy to stir; Easy to apply glue and non-stick knife; The viscosity is better; Anti-slip is better. With the development of tile adhesive technology and the improvement of construction technology, the trowel method (thin paste method) has been gradually adopted. With this construction method, the requirements for tile adhesive are: easy to stir; good spreadability and non-stick knife; better anti-slip performance; better wettability of tiles and longer opening time. Under normal circumstances, the selection of different types of cellulose ether can make the tile adhesive to achieve the corresponding workability and workability.

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