Use of redispersible latex powder

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Use of redispersible latex powder

Re-dispersible emulsion powder can be quickly re-dispersed into emulsion after contact with water, because the re-dispersible emulsion powder has high binding capacity and unique properties, such as: water resistance, construction and heat insulation, etc., therefore, their application range is extremely wide. The dissolved redispersible emulsion powder has the same properties as the initial emulsion, that is, it can form a film after evaporation of water. This film has high flexibility, high weather resistance and high adhesion to various substrates. In addition, the hydrophobic latex powder can make the mortar has good water resistance.

Use of redispersible latex powder

1. Ceramic tile adhesive
2. Interior/exterior wall putty powder
3. Exterior wall external insulation system plastering mortar
4. Bonding mortar for exterior insulation system
5. Self-flowing cement mortar
6. Repair mortar
7. Flexible anti-crack mortar
8. Waterproof mortar
9. Rubber powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar
10. Decorative mortar
11. Polymer mortar products with higher requirements for flexibility
12. Tile jointing agent
13. Dry powder coating
14. Dry powder interface agent

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