The role of water repellent

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Water repellent

The role of water repellent


Product indicators:
Appearance: white powder liquidity
Composition: silicon oxygen compound, dispersion and adsorption mixture
Viscosity: light, can be any flow of powder
Appearance density: 300-350g/L
Fineness: 200 mesh 98% through

1. Prevent liquid water from penetrating into solidified cement-based materials through surface or capillary action;
It can greatly reduce the water absorption of cement-based materials, even if it is in direct contact with water for more than 24 hours;
3. When the addition amount is 0.2-2.5 weight ratio of dry mixture, it will hardly have any adverse effect on the compressive strength of the material.

Adding amount and method of use:

1. It is recommended to add 0.5-1.5% of the total amount of dry powder building materials to achieve good waterproof and impermeability effect;
2. It can be blended with other dry powder building materials without affecting the use effect.
To achieve good results. Please test in advance.

The carrier and slow-release technology of g technology are adopted, so that the active substance can be released in time after meeting water, and the hydrophobic protection is formed after the curing of the substrate. As a hydrophobic additive, it can be used in dry-mix mortar systems with cement and minerals as raw materials to prevent the absorption of water by capillaries/pores in the material, greatly reducing the water absorption of the substrate, and providing excellent hydrophobic properties to the material. Especially suitable for caulking agent, putty, waterproof mortar, as well as external wall insulation system plaster mortar, decorative mortar.

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Water repellent