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Founded in 1998, Shandong Xindadi Industrial Group Co.,Ltd. is located in Jinan, China. There are two processing base, one is in Feicheng city, other is in Yucheng city, covering area of 120,000 square meters. Shandong Xindadi Group is a professional manufacturer of additives for the dry mortors or concrete. We focus on the market applications and lead industry innovation.


We insist to supply high-quality technology products of Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP), Cellulose ethers(HPMC), Silane Water repellent, PCE Water reduce, PP fiber and so on for building dry-mixed mortar applications, which can improve the quality of construction, the level of mechanization of construction, construction environment. Currently our production capacity for RDP is 36,000MT annually, the biggest manufacturer of RDP in China.

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Group Chairman Sun Qingjun with all employees

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to the factory to discuss cooperation, common development, and build brilliant together!


Sun Qingjun, the chairman of the group, together with all the staff, sincerely welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to come to the factory to discuss cooperation, common development and build brilliant together!

Self-leveling cement winter construction considerations
In the north, the temperature in the north is low, can the cement self-leveling be constructed, and in what range can the temperature be constructed? These have seriously affected the
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Thick slag self-leveling complete solution for steel slag, steel sludge and desulfurization gypsum
The aggregate used for thick self-leveling is about 40-120 mesh fine aggregate. The experiment proves that the fine aggregate of about 40-120 mesh has the advantages of good fluidity and strong particle suspension, which is beneficial to
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Environmental reasons for cracks in external wall insulation mortar
Deformation caused by deformation of wall structure: uneven spacing of the foundation is too large, and the distance between the wall and the corner of the brick wall is not increased, the door and window openings are too large, and the deformation joint is improperly set, which makes the wall strong, rigid and stable. Deformation of the structure causes structural deformation cracks, resulting in cracking of the mortar layer.
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The role of polycarboxylate superplasticizer in mortar and concrete
The water reducing agent can mainly improve the strength of the mortar. It is an admixture with water reducing and reinforcing effects without affecting the construction workability of the mortar and concrete. Polycarboxylate water reducing agent is a new type of high performance water reducing agent developed in recent years, which has excellent water reducing rate, fluidity and permeability. The strength of the cement mortar is obviously enhanced, but the production process is complicated and the price is slightly higher than other water reducing agents. The water reducing agent has many functions, and is divided into an air-inducing type water reducing agent (a water reducing agent which also acts as a bleed air),
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