Redispersible Emulsion Powder as Additive for Building Mortar

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Latex powder

With the increase of the content of latex powder, the cohesion and water retention of mortar are obviously improved, and the working performance is optimized. When the content of latex powder reaches 2.5%, the working performance of mortar can fully meet the construction requirements. If the amount of latex powder is too high, the viscosity of EPS insulation mortar is too large, the fluidity is small, which is not conducive to construction, and the cost of mortar increases.

SAE emulsion powder has certain water reducing effect. Under the same fluidity, with the increase of SAE latex powder content, the water consumption of cement mortar gradually decreases and the water reduction rate gradually increases. If SAE latex powder is added, 9.8-13.0 air content can be introduced into fresh cement mortar. The water retention of cement mortar is obviously improved with the addition of SAE latex powder. SAE latex powder improves the water retention capacity of cement mortar in the fresh mixing stage and hardening stage, effectively prevent the loss of water.

At present, the redispersible emulsion powder plays an important role as an additive of building mortar. In the mortar mixed with re-dispersible latex powder, can be prepared tile glue, insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, putty, plastering mortar, decorative mortar, jointing agent, repair mortar and waterproof sealing materials and other mortar products, expanding the scope of application of building mortar and application performance. Of course, there is a problem of adaptability between redispersible latex powder and cement, admixtures and admixtures, which is given sufficient attention in specific applications.

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Latex powder