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Self-leveling compound(XDD-68)


Paint and Mortar

Product description

Product Description

Self-leveling compound: It is a kind of dry-mixed powdery material includes special cement, redispersible polymer powder, cellulose ethers and other active ingredient, is a high-tech environment –friendly product with advanced technology and formula refined. With fast hardening, people can walk on it after 4-5 hours, and 24 hours later can do surface construction, it’s more convenient for workers to operate than traditional artificial leveling.


Standard: JC/T985-2005



Flowability (mm)

Initial flowability



20min flowability


Tensile adhesive strength (Mpa)


Wear resistance (g)


Dimensional change rate (%)


24h compressive strength (Mpa)


24h anti-bending strength (Mpa)


28 days compressive strength (Mpa)


28 days anti-bending strength (Mpa)



Key properties

- It is easy to construct by stirring with water manually or mechanically.

- It has good self-leveling and smoothness.

- It has high compressive strength and wear-resistance, low shrinkage that is not easy to crack or generate delaminating and hollowing.

- It has rapid solidification, smooth surface that can be travelled after 4-5 hours. The plastic floor, carpet and tile can be paved on the surface after 24 hours.

- It is environmental and non-toxic product.

Application range

- It is suitable for residential offices and commercial terraces.

- It is suitable to apply the smooth surface for next plastic floors, carpets and other decorating materials of hospitals, schools, gyms and theaters, etc.

- It is suitable for grand hotel, hall of airport, department stores, meeting room, exhibition center, big office and parking lot, etc.

- It is suitable to be the substrate of epoxy floor, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, industrial workshop and kindergarten, etc.

Construction method

1. The substrate must be clean, dry firm and no any residue, then use Xindadi special interface agent to paint the base plane.

2. After about 2-6 hours, mixed with water before construction, be sure to strictly self-leveling cement: water 25:6 ~ 6.5kg mixed. First 6 ~ 6.5kg of water into the bucket, then pour the product side down while stirring until a homogeneous mixture, lay up 1 minute, then stir once again briefly.

3. Pour the mixture into the construction area, a zigzag rake to move to a desired uniform thickness (thickness constructability 1-4mm).

4. Before initial setting, use defoaming roller to exclude air which mixed in before.


1. No excess water or it may decrease the compressive strength.

2. No strong wind and sun within 24 hours after construction.

Packaging and Storage

A. Standard Packing: In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags

B. Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.

Store it in dry condition, and storage time should not exceed one year.

Safety notes

The above date is in accordance with our knowledge, but don’t absolve the clients carefully checking it all immediately on receipt. To avoid the different formulation and different raw materials, please do more testing before using it. We reserve the right to alter our product and without informing in advance.

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