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self-leveling basecoat primer powder


Paint and Mortar

Product description

It is concentrated alkali resistant interface treating agent that the special formula and high-efficient additives could penetrate into the base plane and create compact waterproofing layer. The self-leveling cement adheres to the old base plane closely to give full scope to the maximum flow performance.


■White powder

Product features

■It can absorb the loose particles of base plane.

■It has high penetration and two-way cohesive force.

■It has closed base plane pores that could enhance waterproofing function.

Scope of application

■It is suitable for treatment of base plane of all kinds of self-leveling construction, as well as bonding enhancer between other cement mortars and base planes.


Mix the primer with water according to the ratio, primer:water= 1:6

4kg powder can be used for about 200㎡

Smear evenly on the surface

Storage period

■Keep in cold dry place, unopened product is valid for 12 months.


■4 kg/bag