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Product Description

SETAKY® Exterior wall putty powder: It is specially developed as a finish coat to cover unevenness and pinholes in plastered surfaces and to make the walls ready for painting, shows as white powder, contains finest quality minerals, MC, white cement, polymers, etc.

Key properties

- Excellent binding property, no shell, no peel, no surface picking;

- Scratch-resistance, water resistant, reduction in cracking;

- Better compatibility, easy to apply;

-Excellent adhesion;

- Saves time, cost effective, reduce paint consumption;

Use range

- Used for exterior wall;

- Concrete wall, cement wall and so on;

Base surface preparation

- The base surface should be dry, solid, smooth, no crack, oil stain and dust.

Application procedure

- Stir once the putty manually or electrically to use, do not need to add water if stir it again.

- Plaster the putty on the base surface, plaster it evenly by steel trowel, planish the putty by emery

paper when it dry, plaster the coating or stick the wall paper.

Packaging and Storage

A. Standard Packing: In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags

B. Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.

Store it in dry condition, and storage time should not exceed six months.

Safety notes

Construction temperature is 5°C-35°C, please use the well-stirred product within 2 hours. This

product contains alkali, please be careful of your skin and eyes. Please refer to the instructions of our products or contact with us.

The above date is in accordance with our knowledge, but don’t absolve the clients carefully checking it all immediately on receipt. To avoid the different formulation and different raw materials, please do more testing before using it. We reserve the right to alter our product and without informing in advance.

Other information

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Floor 19 Lvdi Building No. 2477 Qizhou Road

Huaiyin District, jinan, China.

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