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XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer
XDD-806/804/802 Powder Defoamer is a nonionic surfactant suitable for cement and gypsum based dry mortar. It has the characteristics of easy dispersion, rapid defoaming, high stability and strong adaptability.
XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer is capable of defoaming microbubbles generated during construction or production of building materials, and provides excellent durability and shear stability and increased strength.
Nature and application:
XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer is recommended to use dry mix of concrete and admixture before adding water. The addition of 806/804/802 powder defoamer will reduce the bubble of the solution, especially almost no The water-based paddle or mud block of the air has good defoaming effect. In some powder systems, such as: XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamers have a flowing nature. Especially suitable for the industry of parquet flooring. This product is very easy to use. All powder systems, such as powder coatings, powders, plaster walls and concrete, work well with this product.
XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer is mainly used in: 1. caulking agent; 2. inner and outer wall putty; 3. bonding mortar; 4. decorative mortar; 5. waterproof mortar; 6. gypsum prefabricated board; .Gypsum plaster; 8. Cement and gypsum-based self-flowing equal mortar.
1. It has good dispersibility in the system, good antifoaming effect and rapid defoaming.
2. Low dosage and high efficiency.
3. Effectively control the foam generation in the mortar system to make the concrete members more dense and bright.
4. This product has strong adaptability to other admixtures.
Suggested addition amount:
Generally, the amount of the total amount of the material added is XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer is 0.1 to 1.0%.
XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer has excellent workingability and transportation because of its very good fluidity. In addition, the XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer is compatible with all powder coatings. For best results, please test in advance.
Storage and transportation:
XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer is stored at 25 °C. When storing, this product must be in a closed environment to prevent the volatilization of the active ingredient. The shelf life at 25 °C is within 12 months after the factory date.
This product is not dangerous, non-toxic, non-flammable, sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
It should be sealed during transportation and storage, and it should be mixed with moisture, strong alkali and strong acid and rain.
XDD-806/804/802 powder defoamer net weight 20KG / bag.
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