(II) on Common Problems of Self-leveling Mortar Construction

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(II) on Common Problems of Self-leveling Mortar Construction

   self-leveling mortarConstruction common problems
1. self-leveling sand
Add too much water, self-leveling precipitation stratification;
The original ground wet, self-leveling drying time is too long;
Self-leveling mixing is not uniform;
The construction temperature is too low;
Self-leveling grinding time is too long or play grinding sand is too coarse;
Self-leveling quality problems;
The ambient temperature is too high;
The wind speed at the construction site is relatively fast;
2. self-leveling after solidification color uneven, gray-white appear
The proportion of self-leveling water in each package is different (but within the scope of permission);
Do self-leveling before the interface agent is not dry base surface local interface agent effusion;
Mixing water more than the standard, easy to cause the appearance of gray;
Local base has a deeper hole, the deeper the hole self-leveling to fill the thicker, the deeper the color;
Mixing is uneven or insufficient.
3. self-leveling drying speed is too slow
Water mixing is more than standard;
Interface agent does not penetrate;
The base belongs to non-absorbent ground;
Indoor temperature or store temperature is too low;
Poor ventilation, slow moisture play;
The water content of the base course is higher than the construction standard.
4. PVC floor drum
Uneven scraping;
The drying time is too short or too long;
The floor is hard, especially in winter, and the baking gun is not used when pasting the floor;
Self-leveling shell caused by floor bulging;

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