Why do self leveling must be coated interface agent?

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Why do self leveling must be coated interface agent?

With the continuous development of social economy, self-leveling cement market continues to expand, self-leveling construction market is also active, self-leveling construction requirements are more professional, strict, in the construction process, usually meet the user mentionedinterface agentDoubt, the amount of interface agent is actually relatively small, brushing is only a thin layer, but it plays an important role, so what kind of role does he have, let's take a look at it:
Interface agent in the current market is divided into two kinds of water and powder, are used for concrete or mortar surface, give self leveling good bonding force, reduce the absorption of grass-roots and adhesive dust. No interface agent, self leveling can not work properly, interface agent for self leveling mortar for primer use. Reduce the porosity, the porosity is too high will absorb the water in the self-leveling binder, resulting in premature drying and low strength. Stick to the residual dust, improve the strength of the base. Improve the self-leveling surface effect, greatly reduce the surface needle eye and other defects. Improve the adhesion of self-leveling and grass-roots.
Interface agent construction matters needing attention:
The interface agent is only suitable for construction at a temperature of 5~35 ℃. Do not pour directly into the sewer. Please seal the lid after use. Use water to clean tools or excess interface agent.
If the water absorption of the base layer is relatively severe, it is suggested that the interface agent should be coated with water in an amount of 1:1. After waiting for drying, the interface agent without water should be coated again.

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