What are the benefits of using permeable concrete pavement

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What are the benefits of using permeable concrete pavement

  pervious concreteIt is a honeycomb structure with uniform distribution of holes formed by a thin layer of cement slurry coated on the surface of coarse aggregate, so it has the characteristics of air permeability, water permeability and light weight. When it is made into concrete pavement, slope protection and its products, it can obtain drainage, anti-skid, sound absorption, noise reduction, and water seepage effects, which can improve the surface ecological cycle, benefit traffic safety, protect the living environment, and solve the large-scale modernization The negative impact of urban construction.
Permeable concrete has been studied and applied in the United States since the 7. and 1980 s. Many countries are promoting it in large numbers. For example, Germany expects to transform 90% of roads into permeable concrete in the short term, change the ground laying that destroyed urban ecology in the past, and make permeable concrete pavement depend on extensive social benefits. Its development and use allows rainwater to flow into the ground, effectively replenish groundwater, and alleviate some urban environmental problems such as a sharp drop in the city's groundwater level. It can effectively eliminate the harm of environmental pollution caused by oil compounds on the ground; at the same time, it is an excellent pavement material to protect groundwater, maintain ecological balance, and alleviate the urban heat island effect; it is conducive to the benign development of human living environment and urban rainwater management and water pollution prevention and control work, has special significance, mainly as follows:
a. Absorb the noise generated by vehicles and create a quiet and comfortable living and traffic environment;
B. In rainy days, it prevents water on the road surface and reflection on the road surface at night, which improves the traffic comfort and safety of vehicles and pedestrians;
c. Increase the permeable and breathable area of the city, strengthen the heat and moisture exchange between the surface and the air, regulate the urban climate, reduce the surface temperature, and help alleviate the "heat island phenomenon" of the city ";
d. It can increase the rainwater seeping into the surface and alleviate the ecological and environmental problems of some cities, such as the sharp decline of the groundwater level.
E, permeable concrete floor integrity is strong, long service life, similar to the use of ordinary concrete life; at the same time make up for the poor integrity of permeable brick, uneven, easy to loose, short use cycle and so on.
F, permeable concrete floor has a series of classic color matching scheme, can meet the designer's creativity and the owner's special requirements, to achieve different environments, different styles and personality requirements of the decorative creativity, is unmatched by other ground materials.

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