The strictest advertising law in history, some people are happy and others are worried.

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The strictest advertising law in history, some people are happy and others are worried.

On September 1, 2015, the new "Advertising Law" came into effect. This advertising law, known as "the strictest in history", has made all walks of life cautious in advertising,building decoration materialsThe industry is no exception. The new "Advertising Law" puts forward restrictions on the clarification of the duties of advertising spokespersons and the limit of language, which stipulates that the following four words cannot be used: First, those with the word "national" such as: national level, filling domestic gaps, World-class, etc.; second, those with the word "most" such: the most advanced, the best, the largest, the best, the highest, the lowest, the most, the cheapest, the latest, the first, the most advanced, the largest, the most popular, etc.; the third is the words with the nature of "first" such as: first, only, first brand, unique, unprecedented, unprecedented, ultimate, the whole network sales champion, leading brand, etc; fourth, with the word "first", such as: the first, the first, the first choice, etc.
At present, the advertising of building decoration materials is still quite messy, and there are also some exaggerated publicity and false reports. The restriction of extreme language, to a certain extent, can curb the atmosphere of false propaganda, exaggerated propaganda and boasting, which is a kind of gospel for consumers and a kind of purge for the whole industry. It is reported that in the past two weeks since the implementation of the new "Advertising Law", industry observers have analyzed that the building materials industry is an industry that places emphasis on experience and word-of-mouth. No matter how good the advertising is, if the quality fails to keep up, consumers will not buy it in the end. Therefore, in the end, we still have to rely on quality. Building materials are relatively long-term materials. Real knowledge comes from practice. The final result of use is the biggest test for enterprises. For the implementation of the new advertising law, the leaders of the new earth group said it was very gratifying.
The height or honor of enterprises and products also requires third-party confirmation and recognition, user experience recognition, and engineering quality, rather than relying solely on personal boasting. It is also hoped that after the implementation of the new advertising law, the building decoration materials industry can usher in a better development space.

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