Thermal insulation mortar construction process and matters needing attention

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Thermal insulation mortar construction process and matters needing attention

    Thermal insulation mortarIt is a kind of ready-mixed dry powder mortar made by mixing a variety of lightweight materials as aggregates, cement as cementitious materials, mixed with some modified additives, and mixed by production enterprises. It is mainly used for building exterior wall insulation, with the advantages of convenient construction and good durability. The following is a brief introduction to the thermal insulation mortarSome construction processes and precautions.
1. In the use of thermal insulation mortar, there should be no dust, oil and other debris on the building, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of thermal insulation mortar;
2. In the case of high temperature or relatively dry base, due to the relatively large water absorption, the construction of thermal insulation mortar can only be carried out after wetting with water;
3. The use of special interface agent mixed evenly after the batch scraping on the base and to pull into a thickness of 3mm sawtooth shape;
4. The thermal insulation mortar system must be stirred according to the scientific proportion of water and ash, so that there is no powder;
5. All in accordance with the purpose of energy conservation will be thermal insulation mortar powder;
6. Apply 2mm thick anti-cracking mortar on the thermal insulation mortar;
7. Need to hang some anti-alkali grid cloth on the surface of anti-crack mortar;
8. The last step is to apply a layer of anti-cracking mortar again on the anti-alkali grid cloth on the surface of the anti-cracking mortar;
9. After the construction of the protective layer is completed, the subsequent decorative layer construction can be carried out after 2-3 days of maintenance (depending on the temperature).

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