What are the advantages of new insulation materials?

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What are the advantages of new insulation materials?

extruded polystyreneInsulation boardIs a polystyrene resin plus other raw materials and polymer, by heating and mixing when injecting foaming agent, and then extrusion molding of rigid foam plastic board. It has a perfect closed cell honeycomb structure, extremely low water absorption, low thermal conductivity, high compression resistance, aging resistance, is a kindThe ideal thermal insulation material is also a substitute for the traditional thermal insulation board, that is, the polystyrene insulation board (EPS board).
So what are the advantages of extruded polystyrene insulation board?
1. Good thermal insulation performance
2. Compression and impact resistance
3. Moisture-proof and impermeability
4. Excellent corrosion resistance
Due to the recent endless problems of thermal insulation materials, new types of thermal insulation materials have received more attention. In addition to easily causing fires, the life of thermal insulation materials has also become a hot topic. It is reported that FS permanent composite outer template cast-in-place concrete thermal insulation structure system can effectively solve this problem and will also become a thermal insulation line.The new darling of the industry.

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