Exterior wall tiles fall off how to do

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Exterior wall tiles fall off how to do

People believe that when housing will encounter such a situation, the house lived for a long time, the exterior wall tiles began to fall off. Many people encounter this situation do not know what to do, in distress, what is the reason for this exterior wall tiles off? Exterior wall tiles off how to deal with? This article will come for you to explain in detail.
1. Exterior Wall Tiles Fall off Solution
1. Only the tiles fall off and the mortar does not fall off
At this time, all the mortar on the brick can be scraped clean, and then an appropriate amount of cement is added to the 107 glue and mixed into a paste. Then apply a thin layer on the back of the ceramic tile, and then stick the ceramic tile to the wall surface pasted before, and it will be glued firmly in a short time.
2. Tiles and mortar fall off at the same time
This situation also occurs from time to time in the process of pasting ceramic tiles. First, cut some small pits on the part of the wall where the tiles fall off. Then re-inlay with mortar added with 107 glue, press the ceramic tiles tightly on the wall surface, wait for the mortar to harden basically for a while, and then open your hands.
2. to prevent exterior wall tiles from falling off
It is not very good to remedy the tiles when they fall off. It is suggested that the vast number of consumers should form good usage habits in the ordinary use process, and put an end to this phenomenon in prevention. How to prevent the tiles from falling off in ordinary life?
1. When laying ceramic tiles, it is required that the cement slurry bonding layer should be evenly painted, and the painting time should not be too long to prevent the air from drying and hardening, causing the surface layer and the base layer to separate, resulting in bulging.
2, strictly according to the proportion of mixing mortar, can't add water, mortar to use dry hard, general thickness control in 2-3cm is appropriate.
3. When paving floor tiles, the floating dust on the back should be cleaned and watered to ensure good bonding.
4. When paving floor tiles, press the four corners hard at the same time to make them contact with mortar in parallel, and be 2-3cm higher than the cable, then knock with a wooden hammer or rubber hammer, and level the face with a level ruler. After paving a piece, to both sides or backward direction in order. In case of subsidence, the tiles shall be lifted and leveled with mortar before paving.
Okay.Tile BinderThese situations will not happen easily, and when these problems occur, we should not only take preventive measures, but also know how to deal with them.

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