Cement-based waterproof coating construction need to pay attention to what problems

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Cement-based waterproof coating construction need to pay attention to what problems

CementBase waterproof coating construction need to pay attention to what problems
Key points of 1. construction
1. Base surface treatment
(1) The base surface shall be firm and clean. For obvious cracks (generally more than 0.2mm wide finger), need to repair. Leakage parts should be blocked.
(2) the base surface of the oil, release agent, latex paint, paint and other substances that hinder penetration must be cleaned up.
(3) Sprinkle water on the base mortar concrete of the construction surface to fully wet the construction surface, but there shall be no open water.
2. Ingredients
(1) Proportion ratio of ingredients: strictly control the water-cement ratio during construction, mix and stir evenly according to powder: water = 1:0.35-0.4 (weight ratio) during brushing, and mix and stir evenly according to powder: water = 1:0.3-0.35. It is best to use mechanical stirring to fully dissolve the active ingredient.
(2), in the scope of water, plane construction can add more, elevation or slope add less, so as to avoid material flow.
(3) Don't make too many ingredients at one time, and it is advisable to use them up in about 20 minutes. During use, if the coating thickens, add an appropriate amount of water to adjust and continue to use. However, if the coating is hardened, it cannot be used.
3. Brushing
(1) Before brushing, it is required that the base surface mortar concrete is fully wetted.
(2) roller, scraper or brush can be used, requiring two times of construction, each time the material can be equal. The second coating can be carried out after the surface of the first coating is dry and cured. When brushing for the second time, water shall be sprinkled to keep the first time wet and free of open water. Each time, the direction of brushing shall be as consistent as possible, and the thickness shall be as uniform as possible. The second brush direction is perpendicular to the first pass.
(3) The construction of dry sprinkling method shall be carried out after the concrete is poured, vibrated and compacted. When the initial setting is not dry, the surface bleeding shall be removed before dry sprinkling. The construction must be evenly sprayed, and at the same time, the waterproof coating shall be wiped tightly and evenly with a spatula.
Post -2. Maintenance
1, later maintenance is very important. Spray curing can be carried out after the initial setting of the coating. In general, spray three times a day for 2-3 consecutive days, each spray to make the coating wet enough. In hot or dry weather, spray several times more, if necessary, cover the grass bag or film on the coating. Of course, it is desirable to keep the coating moist at all times during curing.
During the curing period, the coating shall not be exposed to rain, sun or frost within 48 hours after construction.
3. The length of curing time depends on the actual situation. For example, for concrete structures containing liquid (such as pools, swimming pools, water storage tanks, etc.), there must be a 7-14-day curing process; for basements, foundations, etc., the curing period shall not be less than 7 days.
3. considerations
1, please do not add cement, quartz sand and other materials in the waterproof coating, and do not add additives that are not approved by the test, otherwise it will affect the permeability of the waterproof coating.
2, in the configuration of waterproof coating, as far as possible the material in the allowable range of water configuration thin, this is conducive to the effective ingredients in waterproof coating into the matrix mortar.
3. Before construction, the matrix mortar concrete must be in a wet saturated state. Because this is conducive to the effective penetration of the waterproof coating into the wet matrix and play a role.
4, the summer temperature is high, the construction is best carried out in the morning and evening, so as to avoid water evaporation too fast.
5. If you do decorative materials on the waterproof coating, you need to wait until the coating is completely cured.
6. Waterproof coating can only be used in mortar concrete, and is not applicable to metal, wood, plastic, glass, gypsum board, foam board, asphalt, rubber, SBS, APP, polyurethane and other materials.

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