Beware of cancer, starting from refusing to decorate pollution

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Beware of cancer, starting from refusing to decorate pollution

Decoration pollution can pose a great threat to human health. In recent years, more and more people suffer from cancer and leukemia, and they are showing a trend of younger age. Some experts believe that in addition to people's diet, living habits, decoration pollution is also the culprit. The unreasonable decoration design and material selection lead to formaldehyde, benzene, tvoc and a large number of pathogenic microorganisms parasitic in the indoor environment, affecting human health. How to minimize the decoration pollution? Professionals remind, should be eliminated from the source. It is generally believed that the most important source of decoration pollution is the main material, in the choice of flooring, wallpaper, cabinets, tiles,Tile BinderWhen decorating materials and other main materials, they pay great attention to their quality and environmental protection indicators, while few people pay attention to the quality and environmental protection indicators of decoration auxiliary materials. In fact, a lot of decoration pollution is caused by decoration accessories, and the adhesive used in installation is one of the biggest hazards. Unqualified adhesives have formaldehyde release.
Many owners do not pay attention to details, and even the purchase of materials are handed over to the decoration company or decoration workers. It is understood that in the decoration process, installers use their own glass glue, often buried the hidden dangers of indoor pollution. In addition to glass glue, wall latex paint base putty glue, paste wood board use white latex, paste wallpaper in the wallpaper glue is also the most likely source of pollution of the adhesive. Most consumers attach great importance to the quality of wallpaper and wooden cabinets. They will check the quality inspection report when purchasing. Some consumers will judge their environmental protection by smelling, but many people do not know that the environmental protection performance of adhesives is as important as the main materials. It is understood that the adhesive used for pasting wallpaper and the wood glue used for installing wooden cabinets may release harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and polyethylene during the curing period, resulting in pollution.
For ordinary citizens, home decoration is a big project, and there are many kinds of materials needed in the decoration. If so many kinds of materials are to be purchased in the same way, it will definitely take a lot of time and energy. Therefore, most owners will choose to sign a contract with the decoration company in a half-package or full-package way, and hand over most of the decoration accessories to the decoration company for purchase. This will give some bad companies an opportunity to provide cheap and inferior materials and cause pollution. So how to ensure the quality of auxiliary materials, good environmental protection?
Industry insiders said that a lot of decoration pollution is caused by the installation process. While paying attention to the environmental protection of the main decoration materials, the owners should also keep the environmental protection of the decoration accessories. Try to avoid large areas of chemical glue, or use non-toxic plant glue or zero formaldehyde glue. In order to avoid indoor formaldehyde pollution, it is best to open more windows for ventilation, and open the windows when it is cool in the morning and evening to reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants, especially for families with pregnant women or infants. In addition, when the air conditioner can also leave a small gap for the window.
The source of pollution is generally a place where the use of man-made boards is large. After the activated carbon is placed at the source of pollution, the furniture is tightly closed, and the harmful gases such as formaldehyde released will be adsorbed by the activated carbon, thereby reducing pollution. Put a water tank in the room. Formaldehyde and other pollutants will dissolve in water, water tank can play a role in reducing indoor pollution. Treatment with indoor air purifier. If the concentration of formaldehyde and other pollutants is too high, you can buy indoor air purifier treatment, treatment methods include chemical decomposition, molecular sieve filtration, activated carbon adsorption, negative ion catalysis and other methods. In addition, the use of closed wax to close the surface of the furniture can also achieve the purpose of inhibiting the release of harmful gases.
Decoration is not a big deal, but it is not a small matter related to family health. For the health of you and your family, you must buy qualified zero formaldehyde products.

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