What are the reasons for the hollowing of waterproof mortar

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What are the reasons for the hollowing of waterproof mortar

The impermeability of exterior wall is one of the important problems that need to be solved urgently in the construction. With the wide application of various new wall materials (such as concrete hollow blocks, aerated concrete blocks, etc.), solid clay bricks, which were widely used in the past, have been banned. However, new wall materials generally have large porosity and water absorption.Therefore, effective measures must be taken to prevent leakage of building exterior walls while using new wall materials. In the construction of the exterior wall of high-rise buildings, due to improper construction operation, the quality problems such as cracks, cracks, hollowing and shedding of waterproof mortar layer are mainly summarized as followsThe following reasons:
1. Stratified scraping is not carried out as required.
Under normal circumstances, accordingwaterproof mortarThe construction requirements, scraping should generally be divided into 2-3 times. And the construction unit in order to grab the progress, often use a live construction method.
2. The base is not handled as required.
The pipe holes and holes of the outer frame are not blocked several times from inside to outside. There are dust and dirt on the wall surface; The wall is too dry and not fully wetted. Under such conditions, the construction of scraping, because the moisture in the mortar is quickly absorbed by the base, it is bound to affect the strength of the waterproof mortar.
3, waterproof mortar ratio is not accurate.
The construction is not carried out according to the mortar ratio required by the design and specifications, and the waterproof mortar cannot give full play to its performance, resulting in problems in waterproof and crack resistance.
4. Add water after the glue is hardened.
The waterproof mortar stipulates that the prepared mortar shall be used up within 45 minutes, and water shall not be added for reuse after the mortar has hardened.
5. Poor maintenance after construction.
Waterproof mortar in the hardening, the need for sprinkling curing. The layer behind the construction is exposed to the air for a long time and is affected by temperature difference and air drying, resulting in shrinkage of the mortar surface layer and cracking.

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