How to identify the fire retardant coating is good

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How to identify the fire retardant coating is good

The appearance of fire retardant coatings is very similar to ordinary paint, it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, and it is also difficult to check the quality of fire retardant coatings on site. So in the actual project, how to identify the fire retardant coating is good? Fire supervision departments at all levels can be identified by the following methods:
Check whether the product has a qualified inspection report issued by the national fire quality inspection center, and you can also check the Internet. At present, the fire retardant coating implements the type approval system of fire protection products, and the fire retardant coating sold on the market should have the national fire protection product type approval certificate and the type inspection report. According to national standards,In addition to meeting the requirements of fire resistance, the combustion performance of fire retardant coatings is divided into primary and secondary. Under the specified experimental conditions, the flame resistance time of the first-level fire retardant coating is not less than 20 minutes, and the heat resistance time of the second-level fire retardant coating is not less than 10 minutes. Users should pay attention to the difference in the choice, to avoid the enterprise shoddy, up to the effect of fire protection.
The on-site construction of fire retardant coating should be based on the manufacturer's product packaging instructions. Generally, it does not need to be diluted with water. When brushing, it should be divided into two or more times, and the brushing amount should not be less than 500g/m2. When the fire retardant coating is diluted with water or the amount of brushing is not enough, it will have a great impact on its fire performance.Departments should strengthen the supervision of the construction site to prevent construction enterprises from cutting corners.
Qualified fireproof coatings will foam and expand in large quantities when they are burned by strong fires such as blowtorchlights, and the surface will gather and bulge, and there will be no burning within a few minutes, while fake and inferior fireproof coatings will basically not foam, and a large amount of scattered slag will occur, and wood substrates will also burn and damage soon. If there are articlesPieces, can also make a preliminary inspection of the quality of the product on the spot: cut 2-3 pieces of small samples on the base material that has been constructed, or take a small amount of samples and apply them on 2-3 pieces of 150mm × 150mm plywood, and apply them according to the actual construction. After drying out, check with the flame of alcohol lamp. The flame height is about 40mm, and the fire is applied.The flame time is generally 20min, check the coating foaming. Under normal circumstances, according to the prescribed dosage (generally 500g/m2) construction, the foam layer thickness of the first fire retardant coating is more than 20mm, the foam layer thickness of the second fire retardant coating is more than 10mm, and the foam layer should be uniform and dense.
In actual use, in order to ensure the fireproof and other performance of the fireproof coating, it is generally necessary to use a transparent finish coating. The amount of fire retardant coating is generally 350~500g/m2, and the amount of finish coating is generally 50g/m2.
The application of fire retardant coatings with the industry to large-scale and building to cluster, high-level development, with the continuous development of science and technology is also gradually expanding, the past focused on preventing warehouses, ships and other places of combustion, now the fire retardant coatings gradually adapt to higher requirements, can withstand higher temperatures and longer timeAt the same time, it can keep the bottom temperature in a lower range. However, as a new type of paint, fire retardant coating still has some shortcomings, such as high cost, some varieties of fire retardant paint physical properties are not ideal and so on. At present, the variety of fireproof coatings is still increasing, and I believe the market prospect is broad.

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