Reflection of Tianjin Explosion Accident on Building Materials Industry

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Reflection of Tianjin Explosion Accident on Building Materials Industry

At about 23:30 on August 12, 2015, an explosion occurred in the dangerous goods warehouse of Ruihai International Logistics Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, Tanggu Development Zone, Binhai New Area, Tianjin. As of August 17, 2015, 112 bodies have been found in the accident, including 21 firefighters. 95 people lost contact, of which85 were firefighters (13 in active service and 72 in Tianjin Port); 721 were hospitalized, including 25 critically ill and 33 critically ill. According to reports, the possibility of finding survivors at this time is very small, and the victims may continue to be found.
The live video showed the tragic scene of the explosion: mushroom clouds rose into the sky, the glass of high-rise buildings was shattered, a few kilometers around was in a mess, and thousands of residents were homeless. Some analysts said that the second explosion was equivalent to the power of 21 tons of TNT. This accident will once again pull the problem of chemical safety, which seems far away from the public.Back to the public eye, it once again sounded the "heavy chemical era" safety alarm!
For a long time, the paint industry is also a chemical accident-prone industry. The explosion has once again sounded the alarm for the safe production of paint companies. I believe that after this accident, the paint industry, as a high-risk industry, will usher in a round of safety inspections in the future.
Paint production safety involves many disciplines and strong professionalism. It involves the general plan of coating factory, fire and explosion protection, lightning protection and anti-static, electrical safety, production equipment safety, industrial pipeline safety, safety signs, dust and anti-virus, noise prevention, protective equipment, coating production safety and safety management, etc.of the content. Strengthening the production of safety standardization will play a positive role in ensuring the safety and supervision of paint production.
Not only the paint industry, the accident also reflects other problems in the construction industry. It is too late to investigate again, but it is still necessary to mend the situation. In order to avoid the same thing in the future, the safety problem should not be underestimated. all trades and professions should also sound the alarm, strictly follow the regulations,Life is so fragile, don't be blinded by interests.

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