Is your exterior wall insulation material qualified?

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Is your exterior wall insulation material qualified?

Recently, the media exposed a new real estate new houseExterior wall insulation materialFor plastic foam, the insulation material is easy to ignite, and there are many hidden dangers, resulting in hundreds of owners jointly refusing to accept the house. It is understood that the exterior wall tiles of buildings have gradually risen since the 1980 s and 1990 s, and have now become the first choice for the exterior wall decoration of many high-rise buildings. However, exterior wall tiles and exterior wall insulation materials often become hanging in the community at certain times. Hidden dangers above the heads of residents. Continuous exposure of housing quality problems, so that the owners resent more worried.
Following the "foam wall", major domestic media have paid attention to it one after another. According to regulations, the combustion performance of external insulation materials for civil buildings should not be lower than B2 level, and insulation materials above B2 level are not easy to ignite. Subsequently, shortly after the incident was exposed, the exterior wall tiles on the east side of a square building fell off, threatening the safety of pedestrians passing through the downstairs passage every day. Nearby residents were frightened every day when passing through here. The incident occurred for two months. No one cares.
According to relevant media statistics, the news about the shedding of exterior wall insulation veneer tiles occurs every year. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 50 incidents of exterior wall tiles falling off last year alone. In addition, fire accidents have occurred frequently in various places since January this year. Some people believe that this is related to the poor quality of building exterior wall materials, especially insulation materials. Therefore, the selection of qualified exterior wall insulation materials is the fundamental to put an end to such incidents.
Industry media earlier to collect relevant knowledge of exterior wall insulation materials. According to the media, at present, polystyrene and polyurethane rigid foam materials are widely used in buildings in China. Their greatest advantages are light weight, good thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance, but their biggest defect is poor fire safety. Therefore, the cause of fire safety of external thermal insulation system is that organic thermal insulation materials in the system have the risk of causing fire and accelerating the spread of fire. For the high-rise building exterior wall brick falling phenomenon, there are many reasons that may cause the exterior wall brick to fall off, but most of them are caused by many uncertain factors such as building materials, construction technology and bad weather. It is understood that in the consideration of energy saving, the construction unit is external wall insulation during construction. The external insulation material is mainly foam material, and then the external wall tiles are pasted on the foam material with cement mixed adhesive. Therefore, the bonding between ceramic tiles and walls is not permanent, and aging will occur over time. Generally, the "safe life" of external wall tiles is about ten years. In addition, the construction materials used for pasting the exterior wall tiles and the human factors of the construction personnel will affect the life of the exterior wall tiles. Moreover, there are many factors that cause the exterior wall tiles to fall off. For example, the exterior wall tiles are generally thicker, have greater self-weight, and are more likely to fall off. Moreover, in some periods when the temperature and climate changes are more severe, such as when there is more rain or a sudden drop in temperature, or in windy weather, accidents of exterior wall tiles falling off are more common.
FS permanent composite outer template cast-in-place concrete insulation structure system is a cement-based double-sided composite insulation board as a permanent outer template, the inner side of the pouring concrete, the outer side of the anti-cracking mortar protection layer, through the connector will double-sided composite insulation template and concrete firmly connected together to form the insulation structure system. The system belongs to the cast-in-place reinforced concrete composite insulation structure system, which is suitable for industrial and civil building frame structure, shear wall structure of the external wall, column, beam and other cast-in-place concrete structure engineering. The permanent composite external formwork is composed of insulation board, insulation transition layer, inner and outer bonding strengthening layer and reinforcing rib. The product has excellent characteristics such as light weight, good insulation effect, convenient construction, good fire prevention performance, no potential safety hazard, and the same life span as the building.

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