How to stick tiles on the old wall for the transformation of old houses?

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How to stick tiles on the old wall for the transformation of old houses?

The renovation and decoration of old houses usually requires the work of pasting new tiles, so what problems should be paid attention to and what preparations should be made to find a job when pasting tiles on old walls?
First of all, the old plaster layer to eradicate, ready to stick tiles, how to deal with, so that the tile paste effect is more solid:
1. Clean up the wall surface, especially the place where the air is bloated and crisp. The base surface must be firm and smooth, dry and clean, and free of oil stains.
2, for empty drum, loose base and protruding objects need to be eradicated first and uneven base surface should be repaired with polymer cement mortar.
3. Proportion of ingredients: according to powder: water = 3.4:1 (weight ratio)
4. Ingredient sequence: first pour water into the mixing barrel, then add powder, and then use an electric mixer to mix into a uniform paste without powder particles. Let stand for 3~5 minutes, a little stirring can be used.
method of operation of tiling:
1) Apply the glue on the working surface with a tooth scraper and distribute it evenly to form a strip of teeth. Each coating is about 1m2, and then the tiles can be kneaded in the drying room.
2) When selecting the size of the tooth type scraper, the flatness of the working surface and the degree of unevenness on the back of the tile should be considered;
3) If the ditch on the back of the tile is deeper or the stone and tile are larger and heavier, double-sided glue should be applied, that is, the working surface and the back of the tile should be coated with glue at the same time;
4) After the paving is completed, the next caulking process can only be carried out after the glue is completely dried (about 24 hours).

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