What are the benefits of adding polycarboxylate superplasticizer in mortar

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What are the benefits of adding polycarboxylate superplasticizer in mortar

 Polycarboxylate superplasticizerThe effects of cement mortar fluidity, compressive strength, flexural strength and bond strength at different ages, impermeability pressure and volume shrinkage at different ages. The results show that the powder polycarboxylic acid dispersant can effectively improve the fluidity and plasticity of waterproof mortar, and can improve its mechanical strength.degree and impermeability, reduce the volume shrinkage of waterproof mortar, improve its durability.
The problem of waterproof leakage of building structure is a difficult problem that has plagued the construction industry for a long time, so the development of waterproof technology and waterproof materials will become an important topic in the construction industry, and it is also a problem to be solved by scientific researchers. Polymer cement waterproof mortar is based on cement, fine aggregate and filler as the main components, mixed with polymerWaterproof emulsion or redispersible latex powder to modify the mortar, and add the appropriate amount of additives such as dispersants, defoamers and other mixed composite system. Different from the traditional rigid waterproof mortar, the polymer cement waterproof mortar contains both inorganic water hard cementitious material and organic polymer. The inorganic cementitious materials (such as cement) mainly play the role of skeleton, providing the bonding force with the matrix for waterproof mortar and the long-term durability and strength growth of waterproof mortar. Polymer emulsion can be formed into a film and evenly distributed in the mortar system. After forming a film, the cohesion and compactness of the system can be enhanced, thus greatly improving the impermeability, bond strength, crack resistance and corrosion resistance of cement mortar. Polymer cement waterproof mortar to avoid the flexible waterproof material due to its low strength need to do the defect of the protective layer, and the construction process is simple, no need to do leveling layer and protective layer, can be directly in the wet base surface construction, hardened and good compatibility with the grass-roots, high bonding strength, good durability, and low cost, so it has been vigorously promoted and applied.
The addition of polycarboxylate superplasticizer can make the mortar have better advantages, as follows:
1) After adding polycarboxylate superplasticizer, the fluidity and plasticity of waterproof mortar are improved, and the construction time can be as long as 1h.
2) The addition of a dispersant containing amine groups with early strength effect can promote the early hydration of cement and improve the early compressive strength of waterproof mortar.
3) Polycarboxylate superplasticizer can improve the fluidity of waterproof mortar and reduce the amount of mixing water, thus reducing the number of pores in waterproof mortar, improving the mechanical bite force between mortar and coating, blocking the passage of water through, and increasing the resistance of passage, thus improving the impermeability of waterproof mortar.
4) The waterproof mortar mixed with water reducing agent has less internal pores and dense structure, and its early chemical shrinkage and late drying shrinkage are smaller than other comparative samples.

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