What are the reasons for the cracking and hollowing of interior wall plastering mortar?

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What are the reasons for hollowing of interior wall plastering mortar cracking?

Interior wallplastering mortarWhat are the reasons for cracking hollowing?
1. material factors:
1. The density of insulation board is too low
2, the insulation board aging time is not enough
3. Pulverization of insulation board material
4. The thermal conductivity of plastering mortar and insulation board is too different
5, the bonding material and the bonding material are incompatible, do not match, resulting in insulation board bonding is not strong, causing plaster mortar layer cracking.
6. The bonding force, high strength and large shrinkage of the bonding material will also crack the insulation board, causing the plaster mortar layer to crack.
2. construction factors
1, the surface of the grass-roots flatness deviation is too large, the use of adhesive thickness adjustment, the use of multi-layer board adjustment, the use of surface grinding leveling adjustment and other methods, these will lead to quality defects in the quality of insulation.
2. The surface of the base layer contains dust and other substances that hinder the paste, and there is no interface treatment when pasting.
3. The bonding area of the insulation board is too small, which does not meet the requirements of the specifications and construction plans, and cannot meet the quality requirements of the bonding area.
4. The embedding depth and anchoring quantity of the anchoring nails of the insulation board do not meet the requirements of the design and construction plan.
5. The lap width of alkali-resistant glass fiber grid cloth does not meet the specification requirements, and cracks are formed at the lap position.
6. The four corners of the door and window openings are the positions where the stress is concentrated. Alkali-resistant glass fiber grid cloth is not added along the 45 ° direction of the door and window openings, and cracks often occur.
7, in the sun exposure or high temperature weather for plastering mortar layer construction, water retention performance is insufficient, resulting in surface water loss too fast caused by plastering mortar layer cracks.

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