Future Building Trends-Green Building

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Future Building Trends-Green Building

Green building refers to the building that saves resources, protects the environment and reduces pollution, provides people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space, and coexists in harmony with nature during the whole life cycle of the building. Under the general trend of energy conservation and emission reduction, my country's green buildings are also popular, adding bricks and tiles to build a green and low-carbon society.
The development of green building is one of the most effective ways of energy saving and emission reduction. We understand that increasing the efficiency of energy use in the construction process and through more scientific architectural design can achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. Vigorously promoting green buildings can not only directly reduce building energy consumption, but also help to transform the development mode of the construction industry, which is of great significance to accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. At present, my country is the world's largest construction market. Buildings are both energy-consuming and the future "main battlefield" of energy conservation. As long as we vigorously promote building energy conservation, huge potential can be tapped. Promote building energy efficiency, should become a persistent long-term work.
At present, there are many low-cost, simple and applicable mature technologies that can be applied to green buildings, such as natural ventilation, shading, building wall insulation, building facade greening and roof greening.
Develop green buildings and build a new home of low-carbon energy-saving: Only by mastering the technology of building energy-saving can we better promote building energy-saving work. It is suggested that we should vigorously promote the innovation of building science and technology. On the one hand, we should strive to achieve new and greater technological breakthroughs in the fields of wall insulation, door and window insulation, green lighting, etc.; on the other hand, we should further strengthen the transformation and application of mature and applicable new technologies, and encourage and support the large-scale utilization of renewable energy in the construction field.
Inheriting culture and developing green buildings according to local conditions: respecting traditional culture and climate, building houses according to the place, and using applicable technologies can not only meet the standards of green buildings, but also save costs. For example, the construction form and materials of the central primary school and kindergarten in Tumen Town of Sichuan reconstruction project adapt to the cultural and natural characteristics such as regional culture and climate, and adopt traditional sunshine, ventilation and other technologies, so the project cost per square meter is only 2800 yuan. Li Zhu, a professor at Taiyuan University of Technology, introduced the advantages of traditional cave dwellings into modern architecture. Under the premise of keeping the basic style and use function of modern architecture unchanged, environmentally friendly materials were used to solve the problems of wet and dark cave dwellings, thereby constructing "urban cave dwellings". Style green building. We are pleased to see that many regions have begun to actively promote the development of green buildings based on their own.

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