Ten future development trends of building materials industry

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Ten future development trends of building materials industry

Ten future development trends of building materials industry
According to public information, in 2013, the market size of China's building materials and home furnishing industry reached 3724.29 billion yuan. In terms of scale, influence and brand tension, the brand layout gap in the building materials and home furnishing circulation industry is getting wider and wider. The integration of new channels brings more vitality and various personalized needs of building materials and home furnishing.More and more, too. For the future development trend of the building materials industry, professionals give the following tips:
Trend 1. direct chain scale contraction, brand more and more towards centralized development
For more than ten years, the focus of consumers' attention has gradually shifted from practicality, price to style, environmental protection, health, fashion and other aspects. Home furnishing stores have higher and higher requirements for the quality of incoming brands.
The trend 2. after 80, after 90 into the mainstream consumer groups
At present, the post-80s and post-90s who have entered the period of getting married and starting a business have gradually integrated into the society and begun to become the backbone of the society, and at the same time become the mainstream population in the consumer market. Unlike the successful people born in the 1960 s who like nostalgic classics and the taste people born in the 1970 s who emphasize simplicity and practicality, the post-80s and post-90s have their ownconsumption and consumption patterns. After 80 consumers in the purchase of the primary consideration is: brand awareness, environmental protection, functional practicality, price, style. Precision marketing, market segmentation, product and service are the absolute principles.
The trend 3. personalized home, the whole house custom home into the development trend
At present, for consumers, whole-house customization and overall home decoration can not only achieve one-stop procurement, but also solve the problems of overall space utilization and fashion and beauty, and can also consider integrating into smart homes, which not only meets individual needs for consumers, but also saves time and convenience. The most important thing is that after-sales service is guaranteed..
Trend 4. low-carbon era strikes, green environmental protection building materials development direction can not be moved
Green, environmental protection, and health are important considerations for a new generation of consumers to purchase furniture and building materials. The concept of green environmental protection has risen from the product itself to the overall process of green design, green materials, green production, green packaging, and green recycling of the product. The ecological environment and the natural harmony of human beings, the human bodyhealth and sustainable development. The low-carbon era, the green era, and the saving era have become synonymous with the new consumption era. Water saving, energy saving, electricity saving, low carbon, health and other natural, environmentally friendly, and fashionable are favored by consumers.
Trend 5. home integration is a big trend, O2O mode popular market
Offline experience, delivery, online trading O2O mode is the most promising market home building materials industry operation mode. O2O mode is based on online transaction completion, offline logistics service, experience, delivery, and then return to online comment and sharing to reach a closed loop. This mode has been verified by experience and has great potential.
Trend 6. home building materials industry center of gravity shift, building materials to the countryside
In 2012, the state put forward the policy of "furniture to the countryside" and "building materials to the countryside". In the future, the broad second and third tier market will become an important battlefield for low-end brands.
The trend of 7. home stores promotional activities will show a brand situation
Trend 8. Home building materials industry chain optimization, research and production and marketing integration trend is obvious
The trend 9. quality customer experience is still king
In the future business society, it is the product that ultimately determines the value of the enterprise, and the user experience determines the value of the product.
Trend 10. the smart home in the cloud era, enjoy the life of the cloud
"High-tech" and "intelligent", these adjectives that condense the latest technology are now often associated with home building materials.

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