Green building materials market will be more standardized

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Green building materials market will be more standardized

China's building materials industry is expected to enter the "green" era. The recent release of the detailed rules for the implementation of the measures for the Management of Green Building Materials Evaluation and identification means that the measures for the management of green building materials will usher in the formal implementation stage, and its introduction is a good thing for the industry and can play a guiding and standardizing role.

The "Implementation Rules" will undoubtedly have a gradual impact on the building materials industry. Today, companies are still on a starting line. In the next 3 to 5 years, if the green building materials logo has not been reached, it will be very difficult to sell products." Ma Jiurong, director of the Green Building Materials Research Institute of the China Urban Science Research Association, believes that if building materials companies do not pay attention to this area, the market is likely to shrink significantly.

With the vigorous promotion of green buildings, all kinds of "green building materials" are also taking advantage of this "east wind. Nowadays, the number of environmental protection certificates for building materials enterprises ranges from two or three to more than a dozen, including "China's excellent green environmental protection products" and "green environmental protection promotion products" that look very "environmentally friendly.

For these various green labels and certification certificates, the above-mentioned senior people do not care. The certification bodies are mostly from non-governmental organizations, and some certificates can even be bought with money. "Some enterprises once told me that it was absolutely no problem to get an environmental protection certificate for 30,000 to 50,000 yuan."

Nowadays, people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is increasing day by day, coupled with the improvement of economic conditions, many people often spend money to buy peace of mind. In the past, the green building materials that the shopping guide told you were actually a great way. At present, green building materials are often more conceptual than substantive in the minds of consumers, because many indicators are not clear and difficult to quantify when they are used, and there is a lack of parameters of energy consumption indicators that are clear at a glance with traditional home appliances such as color TVs, air conditioners, and refrigerators."

The real green building materials should be through the evaluation, can quantitatively provide users with specific parameters can be applied to the product, and the introduction of the "implementation rules" will make the green building materials industry "green standard" based on evidence. For the management of green building materials evaluation and identification, the government will make administrative requirements for these in the future. For example, national projects and key projects invested by the government will require priority to use green building materials. In the future, green building materials will have an accelerated development.

In the view of building materials people, the promulgation of the "Detailed Rules for Implementation" is good for the development of the industry, because the green building materials logo is not something that manufacturers can paste if they want to, and requires the certification of a third-party professional organization. This means that after the implementation of the green building materials management measures, a number of substandard enterprises will be automatically eliminated.

But there isThermal insulation material(wall and roof) green building materials evaluation technical guidelines after this will be a good solution. Green thermal insulation materials can be based on energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience, recyclability and other indicators and then multiplied by the corresponding weight to obtain the score. If the insulation material company adopts advanced production technology or production equipment in the production process, and the environmental impact is significantly lower than the industry average or the material has outstanding innovation and performance is significantly better than the industry average, it can also get 2 to 5 points.

Different from other industry evaluation management methods, green building materials evaluation institutions, evaluation experts and relevant staff are responsible for the evaluation results and signs for life. Will effectively prevent favoritism, black box operation and other irregular behavior, believe that the green building materials industry will usher in a real spring.

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