The future trend of home improvement industry

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The future trend of home improvement industry

In recent years, affected by the impact of Internet thinking, the home improvement industry has changed a lot, because consumers have accumulated more "pain points" in the process of traditional home improvement. For example, the construction period, price difference, additional items and other issues have made the industry one of the first traditional industries to be transformed by Internet thinking.

It is more than half of 2015. Under the crazy "Internet" trend in the first half of the year, while traditional home decoration companies continue to innovate, they also see the impact of other "laymen" intervention on the industry. At present, the traditional home improvement enterprises continue to think about various modes.

Trend one:

Home decoration micro-profit era arrival

Many people in the industry will be the Internet home improvement model, that this belongs to the product thinking. Some industry insiders pointed out that the phenomenon of "XXX yuan/square meter"; the reason behind these quotations is that the era of low profit in home decoration has come.

Trend two:

Various types of virtual applications gradually mature

Some of the technology-based identity into the field of home improvement enterprises, most of them have the advantages of online product intelligence, management process. They have more mature APP and website 3D virtual design, more suitable for consumption habits, can interact with consumers and produce stickiness. In addition, traditional home improvement companies are also enriching online-aided 3D virtual design software, or BIM software, to provide effective help for measurement, cost calculation, etc., and directly link the ERP system to synchronize with the worker management system. Therefore, some traditional enterprises should aim at Internet companies and seek changes.

Trend three:

Credit business involved in home improvement services

Decoration consumption should be a large amount of consumption projects, in the development of Internet finance gradually mature on the basis of many interest-free credit business has also entered the field of decoration. The welfare of "decoration before payment" brought to consumers has also changed the mode of paying first and then decorating in traditional decoration.

Trend four:

The birth of the "home improvement service" market

At a time when Internet technology companies are targeting the home improvement market and traditional home improvement companies are pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, many enterprises in the industry are also involved in the field of pan-home improvement, and the entry point is more unique.

Trend five:

The establishment of the "Internet" order into the common aspirations of enterprises

Insiders predict that in the near future, there may be giant enterprises in the field of home improvement. Affected by this statement, various brainstorming discussions in the industry are endless and the atmosphere is tense. There are signs that this is a prelude to drastic changes in the home improvement industry. However, for the industry, the real fear may not be how large companies will appear, but in the current environment, how the industry should establish rules and order related to the Internet.

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