Development Trend of Domestic Thermal Insulation Template

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Development Trend of Domestic Thermal Insulation Template

The integration of EPS module insulation and building structure has considerable development prospects. Due to the traditional thermal insulation material molded polystyrene board in the production process, appearance shape, combination structure, product quality, construction method and other aspects of the existence of many defects, so the enclosure structure of thermal insulation, impact resistance, durability, fire safety and indoor perception and comfort, etc., there are quality defects. The development of new insulation materials has brought better choices to the industry.

The use of EPS module insulation and building structure integration technology, the use of resin plastic connecting bridge to connect EPS module and concrete structure, the use of module surface dovetail groove and concrete and cement mortar thick plaster layer of organic bite, can form a solid and reliable protective surface layer. EPS module insulation layer and building structure with the same life, can save the traditional EPS polystyrene board in the service life (25 years) maintenance costs and life after the expiration of the secondary construction costs. Moreover, the density of the new insulation material increases, reduces the thickness of the insulation board, saves energy and increases the building area. Thermal insulation and building structure integration process, saving base treatment and bonding materials. After the EPS module is cut, the remaining small pieces are reprocessed and utilized to reduce the loss. The thermal insulation wall template is once to the top, saving the template, while ensuring the thermal insulation of the composite wall, it reduces the construction cost, reduces the labor force, and ensures the quality of the project. The EPS module solves the defects of the traditional paste process, fills the domestic gap, and reaches the international leading level.

The field of building energy efficiency is always constantly developing, newbuilding decoration materialsIt gives users more possibilities and choices, and also gives better development space in the future construction field.


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