Origin of Redispersible Emulsion Powders

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Origin of Redispersible Emulsion Powders

redispersible latex powderThe market began to change in 2008, the earliest place in the northwest began to appear a class of light yellow redispersible latex powder products, after a variety of colors of redispersible latex powder products to the market. At that time, most people thought that it was a random mixture of products, and the adhesive performance was not good. The best quality re-dispersible emulsion powder accepted by the market should be made of vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer, which is formed by high temperature spray drying.

Over the years, all trade fairs or technical seminars on building energy conservation (especially wall insulation) have included the presence of redispersible latex powder manufacturers or distributors. The role of redispersible latex powder in the wall insulation system is well known in the industry. According to the customary saying, the price proportion of redispersible latex powder in the whole insulation system exceeds 60% or even reaches 80%, which shows its importance.

However, this once highly profitable product is now in a very embarrassing situation: with an annual production capacity of more than 280000 tons, the current annual market demand is only 100000 tons (in fact, it is not at all known from relevant enterprises), and the price of the product has dropped again and again. the final transaction price in the current market is more than four times different, the R & D and production capacity of various enterprises are very different, and the product quality is uneven, the problem arises!

Since the redispersible latex powder is mainly used in thermal insulation bonding and plastering mortar to play a bonding role, the uneven quality of the product will affect the quality of the whole thermal insulation system, and there is no certain relationship between the cracking and shedding of the thermal insulation system, we should be clear. This kind of bonding material is like the cement used in the construction. Will it be aged under the external action of the sun, rain and wind for a long time? Will it gradually weaken the bonding ability? The result is self-evident.

The redispersible latex powder market is facing a very serious reality: so users need to polish their eyes and look for quality in order to make better projects.


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