What is the building insulation industry?

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What is the building insulation industry?

In recent years, China's wall insulation, exterior wall insulation, pipe insulation, cold storage insulation and other thermal insulation engineering industry has shown a trend of rapid development, thermal insulation engineering in today's construction industry has become an indispensable part, its development is an inevitable trend, but also the opportunity for the development of new materials.
With the development of thermal insulation engineering industry, other industries related to thermal insulation engineering also follow the "rising tide lifts all boats", such as the rapid development of pipeline thermal insulation materials. The "royal material" of pipeline insulation is polyurethane insulation material, which is by no means false. As far as polyurethane insulation engineering is concerned, its advantages are not only reflected in the field of pipeline insulation, but also have good results in cold storage insulation, wall insulation, exterior wall insulation and other industries. Polyurethane spraying is more in the roof waterproof system.
In recent years, although China's insulation material industry has been affected by negative factors such as energy shortages and rising raw material prices, it has maintained an increase of more than 16%. According to statistics, the total consumption of six major insulation materials in China, including glass wool, rock wool, EPS insulation board, XPS, polyurethane and phenolic foam, is close to 2.5 million tons, and the actual sales revenue is nearly 30 billion yuan. With the increasing number of thermal insulation projects, the development of thermal insulation materials and equipment production industry has also ushered in a new climax! Polyurethane, XPS, EPS, new insulation wall block,Thermal insulation mortarAnd equipment, thermal insulation coatings, putty for exterior walls, etc. also have a large demand market, which also reflects the favor of thermal insulation materials in the Chinese market from the side..
To sum up, we can clearly see the pipeline insulation, cold storage insulation, wall insulation, external wall insulation and other insulation engineering fields and related insulation materials, there is a broad market in the building insulation industry, I believe that the building insulation market in a more healthy and rapid development process, can achieve a win-win situation in the upstream and downstream industries, to make more contributions to the development of the market.

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