Building decoration materials: paint small knowledge

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Building decoration materials: paint small knowledge

   building decoration materials: Paint little knowledge
Paint is a necessary process in the decoration process, is a common material in life. But in fact, many consumers have misunderstandings about the scope of paint, think that paint is paint, in fact, it is not, paint is divided into many kinds. Here, I would like to popularize science for free and introduce the types of coatings.
In general, the coating refers to the general term for a class of liquid or solid materials that are coated on the surface of an object to form a solid coating film with protection, decoration or special properties (such as insulation, corrosion protection, signs, etc.). In Chinese traditional name for paint. The so-called coating is coated on the surface of the object to be protected or decorated, and can form a solid adhesion with the coated continuous film, usually based on resin, or oil, or emulsion, with or without the addition of pigments, fillers, add the corresponding additives, with organic solvents or water prepared by the viscous liquid.
The paint is only a viscous oily paint with organic solvent as the medium. In other words, paint is only one kind of paint. For a long time, people used to paint composition, performance, use, construction, curing mechanism, film forming sequence and other composition characteristics to classify and name. For example, it is divided into wall paint, wood paint, metal paint, etc. according to the operation part; it is divided into waterproof paint, fireproof paint, anticorrosive paint, etc. according to the function; it is divided into transparent and opaque paint according to whether it contains pigment. From a practical point of view, the first role of the coating is to protect the surface of the applied object, and the second role is to decorate and beautify.
However, due to traditional coatings, represented by paint, its chemical composition contains many harmful substances, which will continue to volatilize formaldehyde, benzene and other residues during use, which seriously threatens human health. At the same time, the paint is flammable and explosive, and it is not easy to store and transport. It is a safety hazard product that requires special care. With the progress of society, people's pursuit of quality of life is also getting higher and higher, traditional coatings have been unable to meet the new needs, which derived from other varieties of environmental protection, health.
Practical aspects of water paint as an example, it uses water as a medium, does not contain organic solvents, so it will not volatilize harmful gases. And 40% of the water paint components are water, not only the leveling is better, the unit painting area is larger, but also the non-flammable and non-explosive, and more secure. In recent years, the coating industry at home and abroad on the water paint technology, water paint process performance is becoming more and more perfect, in the yellowing resistance, fight, weather resistance and other aspects have excellent performance. Water paint is not only environmentally friendly and healthy, but also simple construction and outstanding performance. It is also the general trend to become the darling of the market.
In terms of decoration and beautificationTrue stone paintFor example, it is a powdery object that can be applied and sprayed to form a similar stone building material on the surface. It has a realistic appearance, low cost and high quality. It is the new darling of new decorative and beautifying coatings in recent years, and it also has a greater demand tendency.

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