What are the common water reducing agents on the market?

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What are the common water reducing agents on the market?

There are many kinds of water reducing agents, so what are the common water reducing agents on the market? How to form and have what kind of water reducing effect and what aspects are applied to it, below we introduce lignosulfonate, naphthalene water reducing agent, melamine water reducing agent, polycarboxylate water reducing agent, casein water reducing agent, amino sulfonate water reducing agent, acrylic water reducing agent, these common water reducing agents, they are used in the market,Details are as follows:

1. Lignosulfonate: It is a common water reducing agent. Its raw material is lignin, which is generally extracted from coniferous trees. Lignin is polymerized from three lignin monomers, namely, aromatic alcohol, coniferous alcohol and mustard alcohol. When used in mortar, it can improve workability, fluidity, strength and water reduction rate of 5%-10%.

2. Naphthalene sulfonate water reducing agent: it is the earliest high-efficiency water reducing agent used in China. It is the product of naphthalene sulfonated by sulfuric acid and then condensed with formaldehyde. It belongs to anionic surfactant. This kind of water reducing agent appearance depending on the product can be a light yellow to dark brown powder, soluble in water, cement and many other powder materials dispersion effect is good, water reduction rate of 25%.

3,Melamine series water reducing agent: melamine is sulfonated by sulfuric acid, and then the product of condensation with formaldehyde, so the chemical name is sulfonated melamine formaldehyde resin, which belongs to anionic surfactant. The appearance of this kind of water reducing agent is white powder, soluble in water, good dispersion of powder materials, high water reduction rate, good fluidity and self repair.

4. Powder polycarboxylate: It is a new type of high-performance water reducing agent developed in recent years. It has excellent water reduction rate, fluidity and permeability. Obviously enhance the strength of cement mortar, but the production process is complex, the general price is higher.

5,Casein: It is a biopolymer, which is obtained by acid precipitation of milk and drum drying.

6, polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent is the world's most cutting-edge, the highest technology content, the best application prospects, the best comprehensive performance of a concrete superplasticizer (water reducing agent). Polycarboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent is a compound product of carboxylic acid graft copolymer and other effective additives. The performance comparison with similar products at home and abroad shows that the polycarboxylate high-performance water reducing agent has reached the international advanced level in terms of technical performance indicators and cost performance.

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