What is the most important thing in choosing building decoration materials abroad?

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What is the most important thing in choosing building decoration materials abroad?

Due to regional differences, human differences, etc., at home and abroad in the choicebuilding decoration materialsThere are also very different, then the foreign choice of building decoration materials most valued what? Here we will do a brief introduction of waterproof coating:
Waterproof coating is mainly divided into polymer emulsion waterproof coating, polymer cement waterproof coating, polymer cement waterproof slurry, polyurethane waterproof coating four categories. Due to the characteristics of foreign housing and decoration habits, most of the waterproof coatings used in foreign markets are polymer emulsion waterproof coatings, and the two-component polymer cement waterproof coatings and waterproof slurry are relatively small.
Foreign waterproof coating does not pay attention to the physical performance of the data, more attention to the practicality of the coating and its role in the construction can play.
1. Construction
As a coating suitable for DIY, it must have very good workability. According to the different parts and construction methods of the market waterproof coating, it gives the coating leveling, thixotropic and other easy construction properties, which can make non-professionals also carry out construction. One-component waterproof coating is also more because it has the advantages of direct construction and can be used immediately, and it does not need to be mixed and stirred like two-component coating.
2. Resistance to cracks
Because there are many wooden structures in foreign dwellings, there are many cracks and changes compared with concrete structures, so foreign coatings pay great attention to the crack bridging performance of coatings. The coating film is required to resist at least 3mm of crack deformation, and the high-quality coating can resist more than 6mm of crack deformation.
3. Waterproof and moisture-proof
Waterproof self needless to say, is the basic function of waterproof coating. Similarly, it is due to the reason of more wooden structure, if the air is humid, it is easy to cause the corruption of the building. Therefore, foreign coating manufacturers need to be less contact with water vapor parts designed moisture-proof coating, its compactness can not only waterproof, but also can block the passage of water vapor, effectively prevent the occurrence of mildew.
To sum up, domestic businesses that do export products can focus on foreign trade business to accelerate customer recognition and understanding of products and better reach orders.

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