Characteristics of water repellent

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Characteristics of water repellent

Water repellent is mainly used in foundation engineering roofing, wall, toilet, kitchen, basement, civil air defense engineering, subway, tunnel, pool, water tower, swimming pool, dam, dock and other construction projects with anti-seepage and waterproof requirements. It can be used as an additive in cement-based mixtures to improve the hydrophobicity of mortar and to reduce the permeability of liquid water through capillaries in mortar systems, including: plaster, plastering, caulking agent, exterior insulation system, decorative mortar and exterior wall plastering and other applications.

1. Powder hydrophobic agent is suitable for cement dry powder building materials. It can provide excellent hydrophobicity to the material, greatly reduce the water absorption rate of the material, does not affect the flexural strength and compressive strength of the material, and improves its anti-fouling ability, nor does it affect the brushing of the material.

2. Powder water repellent can be used in facing mortar, water-resistant putty, caulking agent, tile adhesive, waterproof coating, gypsum products and impermeable waterproof cement-based mortar.

3. Powder water repellent is suitable for all kinds of construction projects that need waterproof, seepage and moisture-proof in all walks of life.

Product features: has a very prominent bond strength, can improve the flexibility of the mortar and a longer open time, in addition to giving the mortar excellent alkali resistance, but also to improve the adhesion of the mortar/adhesion, flexural strength, waterproof, plasticity, wear resistance and workability, in the flexible crack resistant mortar has a strong flexibility.

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