Three major contradictions should be solved in the formulation design of self leveling

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Self-leveling mortar

With the development of high-strength and high-performance concrete, high-performance water reducing agent with ultra-dispersion performance has become an indispensable component of high-performance concrete. Among many high-performance water reducing agents, polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent with comb-shaped molecular structure has the characteristics of high water reducing rate, low dosage, small concrete slump loss over time, and good adaptability to cement, and has become the main product of chemical admixtures at home and abroad.

At present, the application of polycarboxylate superplasticizer has been gradually popularized in domestic and foreign projects, and is widely used in various projects such as high-rise buildings and bridges. In recent years, due to the realization of batch supply of powdered polycarboxylate superplasticizer, its application in the field of self-leveling shows more and more obvious advantages.

Self-leveling mortar is a product with high technical content in mortar products. Because in the self leveling formula design to solve three major contradictions:
1) the contradiction between retarding and early strength;
2) the contradiction between high fluidity and anti-settlement;
3) the contradiction between contraction and expansion.


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Self-leveling mortar