Advantages of Using Thick Layer Self-leveling Cement for Floor Heating Backfill

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Ground heating is the development trend, compared with ordinary radiator heating, floor heating has more advantages:
(1) Comfort, hygiene and health;
(2) save space, beautify the room;
(3) High efficiency and energy saving;
(4) good thermal stability;
(5) Long service life;
(6) in line with the human body heating habits.
Thick layer self-leveling cement backfill in the floor heating advantage is incomparable, I believe in the near future, thick layer self-leveling cement mortar will be in the floor heating backfill project. The design of thick layer self-leveling mortar formula must meet the current standards of self-leveling mortar.Within the appropriate range, reduce the probability of shrinkage and cracking; improve the early strength, ensure fast drying and fast hardening, and control the 28-day compressive strength of not less than 35MPa. Thick layer self-leveling mortar is the ground leveling and ground heating system needs new materials, according to the development of the market to develop a suitable thick layer self-leveling mortar, mortar enterprisesThe industry breaks through the shackles of industry development and presents an opportunity for new economic growth points. Expanding new application fields, developing new products and new technologies is the only way for enterprises to survive and develop.

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