Characteristics of powder polycarboxylate superplasticizer

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Polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent is mostly in liquid state, the milling process is complex and the production process is not safe. Therefore, most of the market is sold in liquid form. Recently, due to the improvement of technology, the powder process has been improved, and the powder state of polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent has also been more common. In contrast, products in the powder state provide a lot of convenience from transportation to customer use. Since then, powder has formed the development trend of such products.
Powder polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent relative to the traditional liquid polycarboxylic acid admixture products have the following characteristics:
1, can be widely used in dry mixed, ceramics, coatings, gypsum products, refractory materials and other building materials products
Facilitate long-distance transportation and reduce storage space
3. High water reduction rate: water reduction rate can reach 30%
4. Low dosage: 0.1%~ 0.3%
5, high early strength: concrete 3D strength can be increased by 100-400%
6, the effectiveness of low water cement ratio: under the condition of water cement ratio of 0.15, can be formulated with high compressive strength of ultra high strength concrete
7, green environmental protection products: this product does not produce pollution to the natural environment in the production process, in line with national standards.
Main performance of powder polycarboxylate superplasticizer
1. Apparent performance index
(1) It has good dispersion and fluidity for cement at low dosage;
⑵ When the content is more than 0.12 to 0.22, the fluidity of the slurry has a very obvious increase;
(3) The 1-hour fluidity loss of the net pulp decreases with the increase of the doping amount.
2. Mortar performance
⑴ The results of mortar water reduction rate and the results of net slurry fluidity have a corresponding relationship with each other, both the net slurry fluidity is large, and the mortar water reduction rate is also large;
The water reduction rate increases rapidly with the increase of the dosage, and the water reduction rate is higher;
The concrete water reduction rate of water reducing agent is often inconsistent with the water reduction rate of mortar due to the influence of admixture and sand performance. When the performance of admixture and sand is conducive to the fluidity of concrete, the water reduction rate of concrete is higher than that of mortar, and vice versa.

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