New Earth Glue Powder Sent to South America

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Shandong Xindadi Group


New Earth Glue Powder Sent to South America

After intensive production by factory production personnel, trucks loaded with Xindadi Group's redispersible latex powder are ready to be sent to the port. Like most foreign customers, the customer pays more attention to product quality. Finally, the test results of Xindadi rubber powder products are excellent and a stable cooperative relationship is established with the customer. The customer is very satisfied with the quality, stability and production capacity of the redispersible latex powder produced by our company.

Xindadi Group adheres to the concept of "Shandong people are affordable to the new land", and its products are of high quality and cost-effective, and finally have been recognized and trusted. After years of precipitation, Xindadi Group has a good development trend at home and abroad, especially in the past year or two, the foreign trade business has developed rapidly, and more and more
The favor of foreign customers,

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