Selection of putty powder

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Why is putty powder more diluted after adding water?

Cellulose as a thickening agent in greasy on the application, due to the thixotropy of cellulose itself, putty powder in the addition of cellulose also led to the putty water produced thixotropy. This thixotropy is caused by the destruction of the loosely bonded structure of the components in the putty powder. This structure is created at rest and unraveled under stress. That is, the viscosity decreases under stirring and the viscosity recovers at rest.

Putty in the process of batch scraping is more heavy is how to return a responsibility

In this case, the viscosity of cellulose generally used is too high, and some manufacturers use 200000 putty. The putty made in this way has a heavy feeling due to its high viscosity. The recommended amount of interior wall putty is 3-5kg, and the viscosity is 8-100000.

Why do putty and mortar made of cellulose with the same viscosity in winter and summer feel different in viscosity

Due to the thermal gelation of the product, the viscosity of the product will gradually decrease with the increase of temperature. When the temperature exceeds the gel temperature of the product, the product will precipitate from the water and lose its viscosity. The room temperature in summer is generally above 30 degrees, which is much different from the temperature in winter, so the viscosity is lower. It is suggested that in summer, products with high viscosity should be selected as far as possible, or the dosage of cellulose should be increased. In addition, products with high gel temperature should be selected, and MK brand products should be selected as far as possible. The gel temperature of this product is generally above 70 degrees. Try not to use methyl cellulose in summer. Its gel temperature is about 55 degrees. If the temperature is slightly higher, its viscosity will be greatly affected.

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