Construction technology of batch putty

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Construction technology of batch putty
1. construction requirements:
2 Construction requirements
1, the base should be solid, clean, roughly flat, no sewage and oil, the strength of the base should be greater than or close to the strength of putty.
2. The yin and yang corners shall be prepared in advance, and the joints and cracks shall be treated with anti-cracking to meet the requirements of relevant specifications.
3, strong water absorption of the base, should be sprayed on the surface of the water or glue back processing, wetting and then scraping putty.
New Wall
1. Sweep off floating ash and residual mortar
2. Wet the wall surface with wool rolling brush and water
Old Wall
1. Wet the wall surface with a rolling brush and water
2, with a gray knife to eradicate the original wall paint
3. Wet the wall with wool rolling brush and water
4. For large uneven walls, cement mortar shall be used for smoothing
2. construction process:
According to the proportion of gouache 1:2 or so will be directly added to the wall putty powder in the water, soak for 15 minutes, and then fully stirred with an electric drill.
Use scraper and trowel to embed the prepared slurry on the working surface in batches. The number of batches scraping should not be too many. Strive to be even and smooth, leaving no seam marks. The main purpose is to level the base surface.
After the first batch is completely dried, carefully polish it with medium-coarse sandpaper to remove floating dust, and embed it for the second time. The thickness of batch scraping should be about 3mm. The main purpose is to level the base surface.
After being completely dry, carefully polish with fine sandpaper to prepare for painting the interior wall latex paint.
If you want to get the smooth effect, you need to calender the iron plate when the putty is dry to 6 ~ 70% at the end of the second process.
3. considerations
1, ingredients should be added to the water powder, not water into the powder.
2. The prepared slurry should be used up within 3 hours.
3, the second time putty batch scraping thickness in principle should not exceed 3mm. If a larger thickness is required due to defects in the working surface, multiple batch scraping can be adopted, or fine sand can be added according to the weight ratio of dry powder: sand = 1:1.
4, the construction site temperature should be above 5 degrees Celsius is appropriate.
5, avoid and oily polyester, polyurethane paint at the same time construction.
6. The wall with serious alkali or the wall with open water cannot be directly constructed, and shall be qualified after special treatment.
7. When the climate is too dry or the wind is strong, protective measures should be taken (such as prohibition of ventilation, regular sprinkling on the ground) to strengthen
8 putty maintenance, to avoid water evaporation caused by too fast cracking, off powder, and should be in 24 hours after the water once.
After the completion of construction, timely clean the bucket and tools, so as to avoid the residual slurry is not easy to clean after curing.

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