The advantages of self leveling cement leveling ground

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Self-leveling cement

The advantages of self leveling cement leveling ground
Generally we say that the ground leveling can be divided into two kinds, one is the original cement mortar ground leveling, the second is now widely used self leveling cement leveling. The former uses ordinary cement mortar for leveling, which has great defects. First, the flatness control cannot be accurate and the leveling thickness is high. Second, the construction process is easy to increase the floor of the house due to the technical problems of the construction party. The ground is still uneven. At present, this kind of cement mortar leveling method has been basically eliminated. The latter is self leveling ground leveling. This is now a new leveling technology, in 2005 began to appear in the domestic construction industry. It uses high-polymerization self-leveling cement for ground treatment, which has many advantages. It can level the thinnest ground at 3mm, and can be used for ground leveling for home decoration, ground treatment for various stadiums, hotels, office places, precision electronic workshops and other high ground leveling requirements. Home decoration wood flooring before the ground leveling is also suitable for the use of self leveling ground leveling.
Self leveling product advantages:
a. No segregation, good fluidity, automatic leveling thickness within a certain thickness, good controllability
B. have a reasonable construction and self leveling time
C. has the characteristics of fast drying
d. By adjusting the formula, the bearing capacity of different design requirements is met, and the ground strength is high
E. has excellent bonding force, not layered empty drum
f. Appropriate flexibility (bending resistance)
g. Good cohesion and wear resistance
h. Low shrinkage, environmental characteristics
I. The flatness is much higher than that of cement mortar leveling
For home improvement. Do the ground leveling is usually because to install the wood floor, or to do epoxy floor and found that the ground is uneven, we usually use a two-meter ruler to carry out carpet measurement. That is, at least the measurement in the cross direction is carried out at the same position, if there is a gap of more than 3mm or even 5mm below the rule. This shows that the ground is uneven. It has exceeded the paving requirements of the wooden floor, which will cause the floor to sound empty, the lock buckle is damaged, the corner of the wall is gray, and the floor feels like a seesaw. So if it is to install the floor, whether it is solid wood, reinforced and reinforced composite floor or ground pre-treatment is very important, so the construction of self leveling ground is a good choice.

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Self-leveling cement