Function and Selection of Redispersible Emulsion Powder

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Redispersible latex powder

Function and Selection of Redispersible Emulsion Powder
With the rapid development of dry mortar in the construction industry, the application of redispersible rubber powder is becoming more and more important. Redispersible powder is a thermoplastic material, it and inorganic cementitious materials constitute an ideal bonding system, the components into its own performance and complement each other, together constitute a cement and redispersible powder alone can not achieve the performance. The application of redispersible powder to mortar products can improve a variety of properties, such as: improve the cohesion; improve cohesion; reduce the elastic modulus; enhance the flexural strength: increase bending; improve impact resistance; improve wear resistance: reduce water absorption; improve construction: enhance durability; improve water retention.

There is a suitable dosage of redispersible rubber powder, which can not only improve the performance of mortar, but also achieve the ideal effect of cost saving.
At present, there are more and more enterprises producing redispersible latex powder in China. The quality of redispersible latex powder is uneven, and all kinds of resin powder and composite powder emerge in endlessly, disturbing the market. Preliminary test: ash, according to the standard requirements of EVA emulsion rubber powder should be 12%; Different vitrification temperatures can be applied in different fields:
In theory, the glass temperature below 5 degrees C of the rubber powder its product itself is more flexible, mainly used in exterior insulation mortar,
A glass transition temperature of 10 degrees Celsius above the rubber powder is mainly used in adhesives and self-flow flat mortar.
According to the composition of the mortar is different, with the change of the amount of redispersible rubber powder will also affect the application performance of the mortar:
The amount of re-dispersible rubber powder added is less than 1%, which has a certain influence on the construction and adhesion of mortar;
The amount of re-dispersible rubber powder added is 1, 2.0% to improve the strength, water resistance and flexibility of mortar;
The amount of redispersible rubber powder added is 2.0 and 5%, which forms a network polymer film in the mortar, and obviously improves the strength and flexibility of the mortar under different climates and interfaces;
A different sand-lime ratio, the performance of the mortar, especially the mechanical properties will have a greater impact. A preparation of mortar must first ensure that it has good workability and construction.
"The demand for cement paste depends on the porosity of the sand and the size of the total surface volume. If the amount of cement paste is insufficient, it is difficult to ensure the performance of the mortar.
If we blindly increase the amount of cement, it will not only increase the cost, but also increase the shrinkage of mortar, and even cause building cracks.
"Therefore, the determination of the lime sand ratio must take into account the performance and economic factors. We have carried out different lime-sand ratio tests to determine the appropriate lime-sand ratio. The raw material used in the test is construction sand, 2% redispersible rubber powder is added, and the cellulose ether is 02%.


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Redispersible latex powder