The advantage of thick layer self leveling

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Thick layer self-leveling

The ground heating backfill project adopts the new ground thick layer self-leveling cement, with the new ground thick layer automation.The construction equipment has the advantages of high construction efficiency and high ground flatness.
The thick-layer self-leveling products introduced by Xindadi Group are mature and reliable, and have been successfully built in Jinan Xinyue City, Taian Hongxing Meikailong, Xiongan New District People's Livelihood Service Center, Jinan Luneng Lingxiu City p2The construction of the plot, Weifang Goer Green City Taoyuan Community and other projects has been completed, and there are many projects in cooperation negotiations. Interested friends are welcome to make on-the-spot visits and discuss cooperation.
Advantages of thick layer self leveling:
1. High flatness. The flatness reaches 3 meters and the drop within the foot is less than 2mm.
2.100% without cracking. Construction thickness 8cm no cracking phenomenon.
3, no need for traditional methods of maintenance
4, quick dry. After 2 hours of summer construction/8 hours of winter construction
5. The dry bulk density is 1.42kg/L, and the same thickness is lighter than that of fine stone concrete. Can reduce the overall weight of the stairs.
6, the construction thickness can be controlled, according to the thickness of the floor heating pipe, can do 1-8cm.
7, the construction efficiency is high, each team construction 1500-2000 square meters per day.

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Thick layer self-leveling