New Generation Urban Stormwater Management Concept

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As early as 2015, the state put forward the concept of a new generation of urban stormwater management, which means that cities have good "flexibility" in adapting to environmental changes and dealing with natural disasters caused by rainwater. When it rains, they absorb water, store water, seep water and purify water. When needed, the stored water will be "released" and used. Sponge city constructionIt is regarded as an important measure to enhance the ability of urban waterlogging prevention by strengthening the management of urban planning and construction, giving full play to the absorption, seepage storage and slow release of rainwater by buildings, roads, green spaces, water systems and other ecosystems, and effectively controlling rainwater runoff. At this stage, sponge city construction has been in full swing, more Permeable concrete new construction and renovation work. Sponge City breaks through the traditional rainwater management concept of "drainage-oriented", takes buildings, roads, green spaces, etc. as carriers, and builds urban low-impact development through a variety of ecological technologies such as "infiltration, stagnation, storage, purification, use, and drainage". Rainwater system. I believe that the city will accumulate in the near future. The water problem must be gone.
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